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Sale Date: Saturday 2 March 2019
Sale Time: 12 noon
Notes: Buyer's commission 10%



How to Bid
Payment & Collection
  • From 9am day of sale only or by prior appointment.

  • Download Catalogue

  • ON-SITE on the day of the auction. NOTE: No deposit to register but successful bidders for the principle lots should be prepared to leave a deposit prior to leaving the sale room, if they are not paying in full.

    ABSENTEE BIDS:Absentee bids may be made by completing the attached form A deposit of £0 is requred, to our Client's Account, via bank transfer, to avail of this service. Deadline for Absentee bid form and deposit is

    Decide on the maximum price you would pay for the lot and bid that amount.

    Avoid bidding round sums - successful bids are often odd amounts such as £1,100, £2,200, £2,500 and so on. If the lot is a really outstanding or rare item that has not come on the market for some time and you really want it, do not be afraid to bid aggressively (within your means, of course!) - in these cases the auctioneer will ask for an opening offer at a suggested price to avoid stating at a ridiculously low figure with a huge bidding frenzy.

    Break ties: give us discretion to up your bid to beat an equal bid to yours. If your bid is £1000 "break ties" and a floor bidder reaches £1.000 before you we will bid £1,050 for you to break the tie.

    Bids are taken to be in sterling (£)

    Payments in Euro will be converted at rates prevailing at the time of sale and at the discretion of the auctioneer. "OR" BIDDING: bidders may bid on two or more lots, but only wish to purchase one, by entering "OR" between the bids. "BUY" BIDS: Unless otherwise instructed bids of "Buy" or "Buy at Best" shall be taken to buy at any price. We prefer that you state your actual top limit clearly rather than "buy", as it saves problems such as two "buy" bids.

  • Payment & Collection
    Payment can be made by Cash or Bank Transfer ONLY.
    Bank details can be found here: Client's Account

    Day of sale, Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th - loading available. No Sunday collection.
    Full payment is required by 4pm Tuesday 5 March 2019
    Successful bids will attract a buyer's commission of 10% + VAT, unless otherwise stated in the individual Lot description.

    Goods cannot be collected until full payment is received.

    Payment Calculator
    £100 auction bid attracts £10 auctioneer's commission = £110.00 + vat @ 20% = £132.00 total
    £1,000.00 auction bid attracts £100.00 auctioneer's commission = £1,100.00 + vat @ 20% = £1,320.00 total
    £10,000.00 auction bid attracts £1,000.00 auctioneer's commission = £11,000.00 + vat @ 20% - £13,200.00

    Click here for demonstration of more detailed PDF version here

  • 60 Lots per hour

  • Delivery & shipping quotes available on request.

    1. The highest bidder for each lot shall be the purchaser thereof, and in the event of any dispute the Auctioneer shall have absolute discretion either to settle such dispute or to re-offer the lot immediately. Tie bids relating to absentee bidders, online bidders, tender bids, telephone bidders and live auctions shall be resolved by the auctioneer at his absolute discretion.

    2. The Auctioneer may, without giving any reason therefore, refuse to accept the bidding of any person or persons.

    3. No person may advance less at a bid than a sum to be named from time to time by the Auctioneers.

    4. The vendors may bid for any lot or lots and may withdraw any lot or lots, either personally or through the Auctioneer or through any other person, as many times as they respectively see fit.

    5. The purchaser of each lot shall give in his buyers number, to Auctioneer at the sale. If any purchaser fails to comply with any of the conditions the lot or lots in respect of which such failure is made may, if the Auctioneer thinks fit, be put up again and resold at any time. If upon such resale, a lower price is obtained for any such lots than was obtained on the first sale the difference in price shall be a debt due from the purchaser in default upon the first sale, no lot may be transferred.

    6. Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the catalogue but no sale shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or faults in any of the lots by reason of any of the lots being incorrectly described in the catalogue and no compensation shall be paid in respect of any such faults or errors in description. The Auctioneers give no warranty as to the genuineness or authenticity of the goods & the purchaser shall accept every lot with all faults & errors of description.

    7. Each lot shall be at the purchaser's risk from the fall of the hammer and must be paid for in full before delivery and must be taken away by the purchaser at his own expense within two days. If any lot is not so taken away by the purchaser the vendor or the auctioneer shall be entitled at the risk of the purchaser to remove the same to any place of storage and shall not be responsible for any expense of such removal or storage or any damage or destruction or loss thereby occasioned. Furthermore, where goods by agreement are stored after a sale at the purchasers' request on either the vendors or auctioneers premises, the items so stored will be entirely at the risk of the purchaser and no responsibility can be accepted by either the vendor or the auctioneers for loss, damage or destruction thereby arising.

    8. All damage done to the premises at which the sale takes place or to lots or any part or parts thereof occasioned by such removal by the auctioneer under the last condition and all damage occasioned by a removal by the purchaser, shall be made good by the purchaser and principals shall be responsible for the acts of their servants and agents.

    9. Upon failure to comply with the above conditions, the money deposited in part payment shall be forfeited, he/she paying thereout all just expenses and the lot shall be resold by public or private sale and the deficiency (if any) arising upon the resale together with the expenses thereof shall be made good by the defaulter at this sale.

    10. In as much as the auctioneers act only as agents, they shall not be responsible for any act or default of either the purchaser or the vendor and in particular shall not be liable to pay the vendor until payment is received from the purchaser.

    11. The auctioneers are prepared to accept commissions on behalf of the intending purchaser who are unable to attend a sale provided such commissions are given in writing, in which event they will be carried out free of charge to the intending purchaser. The auctioneers are not responsible for, nor are they in any way connected with, commission to purchase lots given to any member of their staff other than by the auctioneer.

    12. Neither the vendor nor the auctioneer accept responsibility for duties (if any) by the Health & Safety Act 1974 and or Health & Safety at Work (N.I.) Order 1978 or any other statutory provision and the buyer accepts responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of any such statutory provision are complied with.

    13. References to acts of parliament shall be deemed to include all acts, orders and statutory instruments enlarging, reenacting or amending the same as in force from time to time.

    14. The purchaser of each lot shall with his purchase money pay commission and value added tax thereon at the appropriate rate.

    15. All purchases must be paid for by bank transfer or bankers draft.

    16. Since goods have been available for inspection by or on behalf of the purchaser prior to the sale, no warranty, condition, description or representation on the part of the vendor is given or implied; not is any warranty , condition , description or representation to be taken to have been implied from anything said by or on behalf of the vendor prior to the sale. Any statutory or other warranty , condition or description expressed or implied as to the state , quality or fitness of the goods is hereby expressly excluded.

Start of Lot Listing

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WEB ID: 18683

We have received instructions from BLAKISTON HOUSTON ESTATE COMPANY and associated business...........more

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LOT No: 1
WEB ID: 18688

McMaster 15ft 3 part Pin Harrow with 3 point linkage...........more

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LOT No: 2
WEB ID: 18689

Fleming single bale lifter ...........more

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LOT No: 3
WEB ID: 18690

AG 175 hydraulic saw dust dispenser c/w 3 point linkage ...........more

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LOT No: 4
WEB ID: 18691

Amazone 1 tonne twin disc 12 metre sower c/w Hydraulic on / off ...........more

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LOT No: 5
WEB ID: 18692

Kverneland 4ft round bale chopper...........more

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LOT No: 6
WEB ID: 18693

Kane 8.5 tonne twin axle trailer c/w silage sides and cattle rear door...........more

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LOT No: 7
WEB ID: 18694

Two Furrow PLOUGH...........more

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LOT No: 8
WEB ID: 18695

Porter single bale lifter...........more

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LOT No: 9
WEB ID: 18696

Wylie 9ft topper...........more

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LOT No: 10
WEB ID: 18697

ALLMAN 825 sprayer c/w 12 metre hydraulic booms & induction bowl...........more

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LOT No: 11
WEB ID: 18698

3 gang 15ft arable roller set...........more

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LOT No: 12
WEB ID: 18699

Vicon acrobat hay turner...........more

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LOT No: 13
WEB ID: 18700

Howard 7ft Rotavator ...........more

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LOT No: 14
WEB ID: 18701

Kvernland 12ft Hydraulic fold up disc...........more

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LOT No: 15
WEB ID: 18702

Procat Sheer grab...........more

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LOT No: 16
WEB ID: 18703

Deutz Fahr 6ft disc mower c/w 3 point linkage...........more

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LOT No: 17
WEB ID: 18704

Cattle door for 10 tonne Red Rock silage trailer, (7ft 7in x 7ft)...........more

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LOT No: 18
WEB ID: 18705

Set of rear Cattle Gates (7ft x 5ft)...........more

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LOT No: 19
WEB ID: 18706

Towse 3 point linkage quick fit attachment...........more

+ Enlarge
LOT No: 20
WEB ID: 18707

Set of rear row crop tyres and rims for Massey Ferguson tractor 8.3 / 44 (8 stud)...........more

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LOT No: 21
WEB ID: 18708

Bale spike head...........more

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LOT No: 22
WEB ID: 18709

Diesel engine cement mixer...........more

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LOT No: 23
WEB ID: 18710

Fleming Sheep creep feeder...........more

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LOT No: 24
WEB ID: 18711

Fleming Sheep creep feeder...........more

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LOT No: 25
WEB ID: 18712

lift mast crane tractor attachment...........more

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LOT No: 26
WEB ID: 18713

Lely hay kicker...........more

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LOT No: 27
WEB ID: 18714

Single axle bale trailer...........more

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LOT No: 28
WEB ID: 18715

ALO high tip hydraulic bucket...........more

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LOT No: 29
WEB ID: 18716

Dowdlswell muck spreader...........more

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LOT No: 30
WEB ID: 18717

Rotaspread muck spreader...........more

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LOT No: 31
WEB ID: 18718

6ft link box...........more

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LOT No: 32
WEB ID: 18719

Wylie Buck rake...........more

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LOT No: 33
WEB ID: 18720

OBZ 6442, 1996 New Holland 7740 SLE 4 WD tractor with 100FL loader and three spool valves ...........more

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LOT No: 34
WEB ID: 18722

7ft bucket...........more

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LOT No: 35
WEB ID: 18723

Redrock sheer grab...........more

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LOT No: 36
WEB ID: 18724

Rear tractor weight...........more

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LOT No: 37
WEB ID: 18725

Pair of front row crop wheels and tyres to suit a New Holland, 9.5 R32...........more

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LOT No: 38
WEB ID: 18726

Pair of Back wheels and tyres to suit a New Holland, 9.5 R48...........more

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LOT No: 39
WEB ID: 18727

10ft Arable roller c/w 3 point linkage...........more

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LOT No: 40
WEB ID: 18728

NC 7ft sheer grab...........more

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LOT No: 41
WEB ID: 18738

Alvan Blanch 18ft grass seed sower box...........more

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LOT No: 42
WEB ID: 18741

Red rock slurry pump...........more

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LOT No: 43
WEB ID: 18742

GIJ 8289, 1975 Ford 4000, Power steering, 5946 hours...........more

+ Enlarge
LOT No: 44
WEB ID: 18743

ORS 318W, 1981 Ford 4600 c/w Lambourn cab & Power steering...........more

+ Enlarge
LOT No: 45
WEB ID: 18746

Vintage 8 foot hay trailer...........more

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LOT No: 46
WEB ID: 18747

Twose 10 foot spring tine cultivator...........more

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LOT No: 47
WEB ID: 18748

Avery weighbridge complete with weights...........more

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LOT No: 48
WEB ID: 18755

Red Rock lagoon slurry mixer...........more

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LOT No: 49
WEB ID: 18750

Fraser twin-axle 10 tonne silage trailer...........more

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LOT No: 50
WEB ID: 18767

Bear Cat single axle Diesel engined chipper cw 157 hours...........more

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LOT No: 51
WEB ID: 18729

Abbey 1300 gallon slurry tanker with PTO drive shaft and slurry lifting pipe...........more

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LOT No: 52
WEB ID: 18730

Abbey 1600 gallon slurry tanker with slurry lifting pipe...........more

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LOT No: 53
WEB ID: 18731

NC Super 3000 slurry mixer complete with PTO ...........more

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LOT No: 54
WEB ID: 18732

Hardy 600L crop sprayer with PTO ...........more

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LOT No: 55
WEB ID: 18733

2009 Sulky 200 kilo twin disc fertiliser spreader c/w PTO...........more

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LOT No: 56
WEB ID: 18734

McConnel PA 93 high power hedge cutter complete with PTO ...........more

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LOT No: 57
WEB ID: 18735

Moore system seed drill...........more

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LOT No: 58
WEB ID: 18736

NNZ 6017, 2009 Massey Ferguson 5455 Dyna-4 Tractor c/w 3,800 hours...........more

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LOT No: 59
WEB ID: 18737

2016 Green Mech ARB Trak 190 diesel track chipper c/w 211 hours...........more

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LOT No: 60
WEB ID: 18739

2007 Schliesing 200 ZX premiere PTO wood chipper. ...........more

+ Enlarge
LOT No: 61
WEB ID: 18740

Ransome 3 Furrow reversible plough ...........more

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LOT No: 62
WEB ID: 18745

2003 NEW HOLLAND TM 140 Tractor c/w 6000hrs...........more

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LOT No: 63
WEB ID: 18753

Spearhead hedge cutter...........more

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LOT No: 64
WEB ID: 18751

NC PTO-driven yard brush...........more

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LOT No: 65
WEB ID: 18752

Major 8ft Grass Topper c/w 3-point linkage...........more

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LOT No: 66
WEB ID: 18754

8ft land roller...........more

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LOT No: 67
WEB ID: 18749

2018 Ifor Williams TA510 Livestock Trailer 14ft x 6ft c/w sheep decks...........more

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LOT No: 68
WEB ID: 18756

Sanderson SB 70 TC diesel powered forklift...........more

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LOT No: 69
WEB ID: 18757

10ft disc c/w 3-point linkage............more

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LOT No: 70
WEB ID: 18758

Fleming bale lifter...........more

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LOT No: 71
WEB ID: 18759

Fleming 7ft land leveller...........more

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LOT No: 72
WEB ID: 18760

Fleming bale lifter...........more

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LOT No: 73
WEB ID: 18761

Claas Rollant 46 round baler ...........more

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LOT No: 74
WEB ID: 18762

Massey Ferguson 510 Air grain drill, 4m cw PTO shaft and operators book...........more

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LOT No: 75
WEB ID: 18763

Allman 300 glasshouse portable sprayer...........more

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LOT No: 76
WEB ID: 18764

Exenco chipper 350p PTO driven with 3 point linkage...........more

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LOT No: 77
WEB ID: 18765

Cement mixer three point linkage PTO driven, no PTO shaft...........more

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LOT No: 78
WEB ID: 18766

Dual wheel...........more